Things are RAPIDly progressing in the lab…

So back in April, the lab received our brand new 2G Vertical SQUID Magnetometer with RAPID automatic sample changer. It is now up and running and the first lucky people have had the chance to use it. One of the lucky few is our geophysics undergraduate Ed Sage, who in between measuring, has made a much appreciated spoof featuring the new equipment (if you are not familiar with the 1960’s show ‘UFO,’ then you may want to familiarise yourself with the opening sequence before watching this video).

Disclaimer: The dot matrix printer is not a part of the amazing new equipment we have received, if you couldn’t already guess.

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One Response to Things are RAPIDly progressing in the lab…

  1. Camilla Kearns says:

    Oh but the sexy dot matrix is the star of the show!!

    Well done, Ed!

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